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Implement a National Identification card system with a lifetime identification number to simplify the process of paying taxes as well as simplify government’s processes and reduce cost due to tracking multiple identification numbers.

In progress

Source: Jamaica Labour Party Manifesto pg.15 February 18, 2016

Thursday April 30, 2020 | Jamaica Information Service

Revised NIDS Bill To Be Considered By Cabinet Soon

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says the Cabinet will soon consider the revised National Identification System (NIDS) Bill, following which it will be brought to the House of Representatives.

Providing an update in the House of Representatives on April 28, Mr. Holness said the NIDS policy document was now before the Chief Parliamentary Counsel (CPC).

Friday April 12, 2019 | Jamaica Observer

NIDS struck down! Court rules entire Act null and void

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Constitutional Court this morning struck down the National Identification and Registration (NIDS) Act in its entirety. "Having declared some of the provisions in violation of the Charter, we are of the view that what was left in the NIDS Act could not stand. Therefore, the entire NIDS Act is to be declared null and void and of no legal effect," said Chief Justice Bryan Sykes.

Sykes said the court felt that there was a violation of the Constitutional rights to privacy and that the justification given by the Government did not meet the Constitutional standards.

The bill was passed in Parliament in November 2017 with more than 260 amendments amidst tensions between the Government and the Opposition.

Tuesday October 11, 2016 | Jamaica Information Service

National Identification System to Roll out January 2018

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says the National Identification System (NIDS) is set to roll out in January 2018.

He said NIDS is expected to have a transformative effect on Jamaica, providing a comprehensive and secure structure to capture and store personal identity information for citizens and persons resident in the island.

He said that given all the processes involved in setting up the system, he recognises that the 2018 target date for it to be operational is ambitious, but achievable.