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Financials for Prime minister Holness will be revealed with the filing of his Integrity Report for 2015


Source: Jamaica Gleaner January 11, 2016

Sunday June 19, 2016 | Jamaica Gleaner

Andrew Answers - PM Opens Accounts To Media Showing Assets Of $152 Million In 2016

Prime Minister Andrew Holness last Friday presented sections of the media with the annual reports he has filed with the Integrity Commission since he became a member of the Government in 2007, and vowed to enact legislation to force other political leaders to do the same.

Holness displaying documents which showed him with assets of US$472,531 and J$7.1 million when the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was elected to form the Government in September 2007.

With his latest filing submitted to the commission recently, Holness had assets of US$415,026 and J$99.3 million, approximately J$152 million in total, and liabilities of J$34.4 million.Holness pointed out that he entered Parliament as a minister of government already owning the house at Great House Boulevard, which he bought in 2001 for J$7 million. It was valued at $20 million at the time.

Thursday April 14, 2016 | Jamaica Observer

OPM: Holness asks for more time to release integrity report

ALMOST two weeks after the March 31 deadline for parliamentarians to release their annual integrity report, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has asked the Integrity Commission of Parliament for more time to release his.

Holness, during the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) campaign leading up to the February 25 General Election, said he would release his financial and health records for public scrutiny by the end of March.