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Create a National Service Programme


Source: Jamaica Labour Party Manifesto pg.41 February 18, 2016

Thursday April 13, 2017 | Jamaica Information Service

House Passes Bill to Establish Jamaica National Service Corps

A Bill seeking to establish the Jamaica National Service Corps (JNSC) within the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), was passed in the House of Representatives, yesterday (April 12).The Defence (Amendment) Act, which was passed, also formalises the Chief of Defence Staff title given to the Commanding Officer of the JDF.

The JNSC will target youth aged 18-23 and will create an avenue for young people to be fully empowered through national service. This new recruitment window will result in the drafting of approximately 700 young people, who will bring the JDF’s annual intake up to 1,000.

Thursday March 9, 2017 | Jamaica Observer

JDF launches National Service Enlistment Program

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) has launched its National Service Enlistment (NSE) Program, which will see approximately 1,000 people aged 18-23, being enlisted in the JDF annually and trained over a one-year period in military, vocational and broader life skills.