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Digitize hospital records in order to safeguard patients’ medical information and allow ease of access to authorized persons.

Not yet started

Source: Jamaica Labour Party Manifesto pg.22 February 18, 2016

Friday April 29, 2016 | Jamaica Observer

Changes coming at public health institutions, says Tufton

ST JAMES, Jamaica (JIS) – Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton says operational changes are to be implemented at the island’s public health institutions, to improve service delivery and better co-ordinate links between government health entities.

As it relates to the management of patients’ medical records, Tufton said how records are kept and the digitising of those records, are to be addressed over the medium term.

“It’s a very expensive process and I have already started to have discussions with possible providers,” he said, adding that the process of digitization was already in progress at the University Hospital of the West Indies.