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Implement policy that places greater emphasis in diplomatic service on trade and investment promotion and facilitation


Source: Jamaica Labour Party Manifesto pg.40 February 18, 2016

Sunday October 1, 2017 | Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

NATIONAL FOREIGN TRADE POLICY: Positioning Jamaica to Increase Foreign Trade - Oct 2017

The foreign trade policy issues outlined in this section identify the current constraints. The overall strategy will be to use the "whole-of-government” approach for implementation. The individual strategies proposed for each policy issue are the means by which the vision, goals and objectives of this Foreign Trade Policy are expected to be achieved and are designed to support and sustain growth by establishing an enabling framework which guides and facilitates foreign trade. These strategies, therefore, are the means by which 49 Jamaica will implement its foreign trade policy. The Policy Issues and Strategies are presented below in four sections, namely: 1. General Cross-cutting Issues; 2. Trade in Goods; 3. Trade in Services; and 4. Trade-related Issues. The Government is committed to enhancing the level of foreign trade, production, productivity, diversification and competitiveness in order for Jamaica to grow its way out of debt.