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Implement the plans laid out for the South Coast Highway to Morant Bay


Source: Jamaica Labour Party Manifesto pg.27 February 18, 2016

Thursday June 16, 2016 | Jamaica Gleaner

PM Confirms South Coast Highway Plan Scrapped, Unveils 'Better' Option

Holness made the confirmation at a press conference this afternoon, a day after the Finance Minister Audley Shaw said it did not make "economic sense" to pursue the originally announced highway project (Phase One) from Harbour View to Morant Bay in St Thomas.

According to Holness, under the reviewed road project, there will be a four-lane highway from Harbour View to Bull Bay while the road network from Bull Bay to Morant Bay will be upgraded.

Wednesday June 15, 2016 | Jamaica Gleaner

Gov't Abandons South Coast Highway Plan, Announces MoBay Toll Road

Finance Minister Audley Shaw says the government intends to abandon plans for the construction of the Southern Coastal Highway from Morant Bay in St Thomas to Harbour View in East Kingston.

"How could we justify spending US$500 million on a highway to St Thomas? It just does not make economic sense," Shaw said.

"Bear in mind that the North-South Highway are complaining that it has not reached a point of economic viability and the expenditure on that highway was near US$700 million," Shaw said.