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Purchase 600 used motor vehicles and 400 motor bikes for the security forces to ensure uniformed and hidden patrols can reach every part of the country within the first two years


Source: Jamaica Labour Party Manifesto pg.17 February 18, 2016

Tuesday June 30, 2020 | Jamaica Information Service

Ministry of National Security Sectoral Debate, June 30,2020

Police Vehicles deployed: 222 Motor Vehicles - $1,293,831,638.44 107 SUVs - $708,911,817.60 83 Motor Cycles - $86,000,000.00 TOTAL: 412 vehicles - $2,088,743,456.04

Friday January 24, 2020 | Jamaica Observer

Cops used-car issue resolved, says ministry

Chief technical officer in the Ministry of National Security, Delroy Simpson, told the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) of Parliament on Wednesday that 54 of 105 vehicles, which were agreed when the contract with O'brien's International Car Rentals and Sales was whittled down from nearly $427 million to $213 million in 2018, were received.

Minister of Finance and the Public Service Dr Nigel Clarke, noted the money was part of an allocation of $20.2 billion, or 28 per cent of the total capital expenditure, which the ministry received. It was the largest share of the capital budget representing an increase of $7.5 billion, or 61 per cent over the 2018/19 revised estimates.

The vehicles (primarily Axios) were assigned to support administrative functions or town/metropolitan tasks, including motor patrol in built-up areas more suited for their specifications.

Tuesday April 16, 2019 | Jamaica Information Service

Ministry of National Security Sectoral Debate,

IMPROVING POLICE MOBILITY Capital Budget of $1,000,000,000

The next prong of strategic investment in the police force is in the area of mobility. Mr. Speaker, $1 billion will be invested in this area as we recognise that mobility is critical to the efficient functioning of any police force. The total demand required to adequately serve citizens and communities is 1,600 operational vehicles. Last year, the JCF received 260 new motor vehicles and over 100 motor bikes. This year, we are proceeding to expand by adding another 400 motor vehicles into the fleet and 60 bikes, this will ensure that the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB), will have satisfactory mobility, and that the entire force will have adequate mobile capacity to, among other things, challenge the criminal gangs and dons anywhere, any time.

Wednesday September 5, 2018 | Jamaica Gleaner

Police Cars Useless! Controversial Used Cars Now Assigned To Administrative Duties

Yesterday, Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) was told that the 66 cars that have been handed over so far failed the rigour of regular police work.

The cars are now being used for administrative purposes within the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), even while $213 million of the advance to O'Brien's remains outstanding.

He said that the letter confirmed that the pre-owned vehicles were not suitable for police work and further "confirmed the idiocy behind that decision that breaks the practice of so many decades ago to use new and specially outfitted vehicles for police work".

Wednesday April 26, 2017 | Jamaica Information Service

Ministry of National Security Sectoral Debate, April 26, 2017

For the Police we will take possession of the 120 pickups and 80 pre- owned motorcars in May 2017. We intend to purchase more.Thirty-six units have already been received and are working well and serving the communities.

We intend to purchase a suitable hearse so that we can replace the HIACE bus that is used to take our men and women on their final journey.

We repaired 114 cars, many were in disrepair during Minister Bunting’s time

Tuesday March 22, 2016 | Jamaica Information Service

Ministry to Purchase Cheaper Cars for JCF

National Security Minister, Hon. Robert Montague, says will be purchasing cheaper vehicles during the next financial year to boost the mobile capacity of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, on March 21, the Minister said motor cars, which are popularly known as ‘deportees’, will be purchased, instead of more expensive new vehicles.

He pointed out that these cars should be able to serve the force for at least three years, and instead of purchasing 100 new vehicles, the Ministry could obtain 400 used cars for the same price.